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How to create your own GIFS in Telegram

Although Whatsapp has always been at the forefront of innovations, it seems that this time it has been Telegram who is late for this issue of photography and creation of GIFs. And, finally, after its last update, it is now possible to further sweeten the conversations with photographs in which it is drawn, and videos that show animations in a GIF-type loop. These are all your news.

The news comes to both Android and iOS, although it is the first that brings together most of the story. However, both agree on the possibility of retouching the photos that are shared through the Telegram chats. Something reminiscent of what Whatsapp can do in its beta version, applying Emoji emoticons and strokes of the color you prefer to mark interesting points or merely create a more elaborate photo. In the case of Telegram, you just have to take a picture and click on the pencil icon.

At that time several options are displayed. On the one hand are the stickers or stickers. With this it is possible to access an extensive collection of masks and elements that can be placed directly on the image, being able to choose their position, size, and rotation thanks to the simple controls on the screen. Also, it is possible to browse the gallery of usual stickers to choose the one you prefer. In the same way, there is a text tool to write a label on the image, choosing its contour color, and a drawing tool to write or draw freehand. Simple but effective, although it is somewhat more complicated than the controls seen on Whatsapp.

gif telegram

Apart from this, and only on Android, it has given rise to the creation of GIFs or animations. So, you no longer only depend on services like Giphy to share animations in the chats. To create a new GIF just record a video to use. After accepting the recording, on the screen before sending it, it is possible to cut it and choose its duration. Well, Telegram now also allows you to eliminate the video sound. This simple gesture is what transforms a standard video into a GIF or animation. So simple. The result is sent in the chats with the appearance of a photograph, but with the behavior of an animation. The video plays in a loop without sound and end. An excellent option to animate the chats in a more personal way. Yes, in our tests we found a somewhat slow reproduction.

Now you can access the Featured Stickers

Along with this, Telegram has added for Android users the ability to access the highlighted stickers directly from any chat. In this way, you just have to go through the collection of Emoji emoticons and stickers to find the featured section and download the most used packs by the community.

Finally, Telegram has begun to support terminals with Android 7 or Nougat. Something that affects very few people at the moment, but that is not worth mentioning.

In short, an update full of news that is ahead of Whatsapp, since after all this has been added before but in beta or test, which implies a significant limitation. Yes, Telegram has not made its photo editing tools simple and accessible, nor that its GIFs are reproduced in an agile way. Something that may be solved in future updates. In any case, all this is now available to download for free from the Google Play Store and the App Store.