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How to update Telegram for Android – V.7.7.2

It is especially important to keep messaging applications updated so that you can use the latest news. In the case of Telegram, also, which adds exciting news every month, this is even more important.

If for some reason you have problems to keep Telegram updated, or you need to know more about how to achieve it, today we will tell you how to make Telegram in Android always the latest, either from Google Play or through your APK.

update Telegram for Android

Upgrading Telegram from the official Google store is without a doubt the most natural way. In fact, the most normal thing is to update itself periodically when the mobile is connected to a Wi-Fi network. If not, open the Telegram tab on Google Play, follow this link, and tap the menu and then choose Update auto.

For the rest, updating Telegram from Google Play has no more mystery than pressing the Update button and waiting for it to download and install itself. The process may take a few seconds, and when finished, the Update button will change to Open. If you do not see the Update button, it’s because Google Play detects that you already have the latest version.

In case you are sure there is a more modern version on Google Play than yours, you can force the search for updates by opening the Google Play sidebar and going to the My apps section. Once inside you will see a button at the top to look for updates.

Keep in mind that sometimes updates on Google Play take time to spread to all users, so it may not appear officially on Google Play for a few hours or days later.

With your APK

If you want the newest version of Telegram at all times and Google Play does not satisfy you, another way to do it is by downloading your APK. Unfortunately, Telegram does not offer an official way to download their latest APKs, so you depend on third-party sites like APKMirror. APKMirror is a page that you can trust, although you keep in mind that new versions may take some time to be available.

The first thing you need is to open the Telegram download page (if it’s on your mobile, better, then you do not need to pass the APK to your mobile) and go down until you find the section All versions. The most modern version, which is probably the one that interests you, is the one that is above all.

Then you must do three steps. First, click on the download button next to the version you want to download and then you must choose which variant you want to download. Sometimes you will find several, sometimes just one: you can see what to determine by reading this article. Finally, press Download APK, but be careful because sometimes advertising simulates fake download buttons.

Wait until the file is downloaded (your browser may ask for your permission first) and when it finishes, touch Open. At this time it is completely possible that you are asked to activate the installation of applications from unknown sources.