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About the latest Telegram Version

Telegram Latest version let you share your location in real time and other improvements

Actually, more apps allow you to share your location with your friends. Instead of always asking “where are you,” you can just activate the function so that the other person sees it in real time. Now Telegram is part of the group.

As usual, the innovation didn’t come alone. This update adds a new audio player, a symbol that you can translate with the hands of the administrators into more languages ​​and that let you configure if new members of a supergroup can read old messages or not.

Telegram Latest version

I’m here

The operation of real-time location sending in Telegram is similar to other implementations like the one we saw in Whatsapp (and which, by the way, we are still waiting for). First, you have to locate the menu in order to attach and choose Location. Then, use the new Send my location button.

You can select the different periods it has, between a period of 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. Then, if you want to change your mind, at any time, you can stop sending by opening the publication and touching Stop sending my location. A permanent notification on Android and above the chat reminds you that you are sharing, which is an excellent addition.

New audio player

Telegram includes in this update an entirely new audio player that almost converts the Chat application into a music application. This player has better support for MP3 music, and you can try it on the tracks channel, in which songs with Creative Commons license are distributed.

telegram new video chat


The player is permanently displayed as a top bar in all chats (and a permanent multimedia notification), which when touched displays the full-screen view. In this view, you can see the latest songs that have been shared with you, and they are downloaded automatically. There is no shortage of options such as random mode or repetition.

Other changes

The news does not end here. You can now distinguish the administrators of a group with a large number of users by their new badges. Also, in the supergroups, you can configure if the new members will have access to the previous chat history or not.

Finally, Telegram has launched a new similar translation platform, that is quite similar to Whatsapp. It is, nevertheless, a more technologically progressive platform, since translations can be sent directly to customers without having to package them before in an update.