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Telegram Web

If you already know the Telegram application, or recently installed it on your mobile device, you will know the possibilities that this messaging service offers you.

Well, now you want to have Telegram on your desktop to check your chats while you work or while using your laptop or tablet.

It is very easy, because with Telegram Web you will get a secure and VoIP service with which you can be in contact with everyone at any time.

You will not have to use your mobile phone but you will be able to read your messages and consult the application from your computer, available for all available platforms; Android, Windows. macOS and Linux.

The most important thing you should know is that, like the previous versions, the Telegram online application allows you to chat and share multimedia and text files, emojis, both with users who are already your contacts, and with people who participate in groups to which you have joined.

One of the things that I like the most about Telegram compared to other messaging applications (Telegram vs WhatsApp for example) is that you don’t have to show your phone number to people who are also using the application.

This is especially interesting because when you enter discussion groups you contact people who are not your contacts. In such a way, that you can keep your privacy at all times.

Telegram web Desktop

The steps to follow to use Telegram Web there are two options:

1.- Through the browser entering Telegram Web

Choose your country and put your phone number:

They will send us a code through Telegram, by SMS, or by calling our mobile phone, we enter it on the web and that’s it, we can use Telegram Web.

2.- The second option will be to download the program. This varies according to the operating system of our computer. You can download the latest version from Telegram Web. Download Telegram for PC: Telegram online

The process to connect is the same as Telegram in the browser.

Telegram Web vs WhatsApp Web

Most important characteristics of Telegram Web and that distinguish it from WhatsApp and other instant messaging platforms:

In Telegram Web we can share all kinds of files (videos, photos, heavy documents, …) of up to 1.5 GB

Telegram Web works only with the internet service of our PC and therefore does not consume the data or battery of the mobile. We do not need to have a mobile phone connected to use the service.

The web version of Telegram has a very complete interface and also incorporates all the functions of the mobile version, so its use is not limited in any way.