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Easy way to create accounts in Telegram

Telegram has been one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp, due to its features to offer. Many users who use Telegram and the various social networks, use the surveys to attract their readers and obtain certain reports.

You need to know that the surveys let you offer the possibility of inserting a message to indicate your preference. Would you like to create a survey on Telegram and share them with friends? Very well, then you should follow the instructions shown below:

Telegram includes polls natively

Very often the large communities use the surveys to coordinate their activities and keep in touch with their members, which is why Telegram finally started with the development of a dedicated tool for surveys that is currently already available on Telegram Android, iOS, MacOS and Telegram Desktop.

These surveys can be used in groups, supergroups of up to 100,000 members and in channels with no user limit. The existing @vote bot, which is an official Telegram, will continue to operate independently of this issue of the native surveys.

Telegram X users do not yet have this feature; we surely need to wait for an update of TDlib so they can include that function.

How to create a survey on Telegram for Android?

Creating a survey in Telegram is very simple, in the case of Telegram for Android devises, you have to enter a group and press the icon in the form of a clip.

Once clicking on the Clip icon, we will see several options, including the “Survey” option.

Once you finish you need to confirm pressing the confirmation button at the top and the survey will be sent.

Surveys in Telegram Desktop

To create a survey in Telegram Desktop we have to enter a group or channel and click on the top button of the 3 points. We will open a drop-down menu and click on the “Create survey” option.

Finally we put the title of the survey and the possible answers. With this we would have created the survey and we can only wait for members to start voting.

How to close the survey and see the final result?

If we are the creators of the survey by pressing a short period of time in the survey we are opened a menu in which we are given the option to “Stop the survey”, this action cannot be undone once stopped cannot be returned to open that survey.

In the event that you were wrong to vote you just have to press a short period of time the survey opens a menu in which we find the option “Retract Voting” that eliminates our vote, this allows us to choose another option or not directly vote.

Using links in public groups and channels

Now also if we copy the link of a survey (pressing the message and choosing the option to copy link).

By opening this type of links in the browser we can see the number of views (in the case of channels) and the number of users who have voted. In addition to being able to insert these surveys in our web pages.