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Telegram 4.8.9 adds multi-account support and quick answers: this is how they work

In case anyone had doubts that Telegram had improved more during the year than Whatsapp, before that this year ends, the popular messaging application released its update 4.7. Many of the novelties were intended for the iOS version, but there was still room for two new Android, and quite enjoyable.

The first of these innovations is the multicenter support, without the need to install several clients or make rare inventions. Besides, it is now thinkable to respond to messages faster than ever, similar to what Whatsapp introduced a few months ago, but with a slightly different technique.

telegram multi account

How to use multiple accounts in Telegram

It is official; Telegram is a messaging application with support for several accounts, something not too familiar, although not the only one. For example, it is possible to do it also in Facebook Messenger, Hangouts (rest in peace) and, few more.

Support is limited to three additional accounts and works similarly to the multi-account implementation of Google applications. From the side panel, you can display user information to log in with another account.

Each account must be linked to a phone number, as always, but it is now much more convenient to use multiple accounts in Telegram. Change account is instant after touching the account you want to change in the side panel of the application.

Respond faster than ever

The second novelty that comes to us in Android is the quick answers. Telegram has long allowed you to respond to a specific message, but until now it was necessary to make a long touch in the message and then press the answer button (and that if you do not confuse it with the “forward,” as happens to me almost always to me).

Whatsapp incorporated something similar by allowing you to respond to a message after making a prolonged tap on it. In Telegram, it is done by sliding the message to the left. When doing so, the response button is shown with animation, and the text is added to the writing box.

Responding to a message is now a gesture. You slide the message you want to answer to the left and then you can start typing. This works for any type of messages, including images and voice notes.

These updates are active for anyone with the latest version of Telegram, version 4.7, for now. You can get a copy, as always, on Google Play.