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Eva is the perfect assistant to start Telegram and get more out of the app

Telegram unlike Whatsapp, its main competitor. It is an application that can be used as a messaging client more but if we take it beyond general chats. It has a lot of potentials: stickers to give more life and color to conversations, bots for offer us all kinds of information or thematic all sorts of channels to receive information about what we like the most.

When you do not know where to start, the usual thing is to start looking for how to get the most out of it and in fact we recently released a post explaining a lot of tricks to be masters in Telegram. Diving by Google Play we have found an application that complements perfectly with these tips and helps all newbies, and not many, to squeeze this messaging client. Her name is Eva.

Eva the best assistant for every people

assistant telegramSunshine Apps, the creator of Eva, defines its application as an assistant but is far from being an app of that type. What it offers us is a series of curated content and a search engine so we can find it easily. Once we open it for the first time, we will see that we have three different sections: stickers, bots, and channels. The interface is straightforward, clean and in line with the aesthetic values โ€‹โ€‹of the official Telegram client.

From these three sections we will access all the content, and when we are interested, we will click on it, and it will take us to Telegram so that we can configure it. If it is a pack of stickers to confirm its installation and if it is a bot or a channel so that we begin to interact with it and then stay in our open, accessible and simple conversations.

After doing a few searches, most of the content that has come out is quite useful, in fact with the pursuit of stickers I discovered a few new packs. The only downside that I put to Eva is that when it comes to finding channels or bots in Spanish, she still does not handle that information. If you do not have problems with English, it is not a problem, but it is missing being able to find more content in other languages.

If you have heard about Telegram or you already use it but do not know where to start to see what you can do with it, first read this article where we give you a lot of advice and then, with this app, you will be the nourishing content of all kinds. I have been using the app for years and thanks to Eva I have found a few things that I did not know and now point to be essential.

Is it a secure application? It may sound like a self-explanatory question, but many developers try to take advantage of the success of messaging apps to filter malware. Eva is very transparent, does not ask for permission, does not serve to advertise, and the only connection she makes is with the Telegram client that we have installed.